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Sultan: Citizen’s residence and job are top priorities

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, affirmed that securing the citizen needs of a safe house that maintains privacy and a job that provides a decent living, is the most important thing that occupies His Highness's thinking.

This came in an intervention on the "Direct Line" programme broadcasted via Sharjah broadcasting Authority (SBA).

During the intervention, His Highness provided a solution to Sharjah Directorate of Public Works (SDPW) addressing the invasion of privacy of the public housing, which is to build additional facilities inside the house with an increase in the height of the wall, aiming to protect the privacy of people of the house.

His Highness stated that when His Highness visited Khorfakkan’s Corniche, and saw an invasion of privacy on the building near public housing. His Highness called the Department of Planning and Survey and asked them about this matter, and they replied that this is according to the request of the Municipal Council. His Highness told them to deal with the issue, as it is unreasonable to invade the privacy of the building.

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah continued that it is not possible now to address this matter by installing a certain type of glass or taking other unsecured measures. For this reason, His Highness developed a solution and presented it to SDPW.

His Highness solution states that SDPW to visit these houses, which are small in number and are located in the first row, as the houses located in the second row are not exposed. SDPW then builds additional buildings inside the house from the side of the wall, and these buildings include kitchens and stores with a garage for the car. This would become a building to protect the privacy of the household

Addressing the youth generation in the Emirate of Sharjah, His Highness stated that housing construction continues in Sharjah, but it does not meet the need. The number of citizens in Sharjah is 226,000, of whom 22,400 are from the age of 18 and over, and not married. His Highness indicated that work is in progress to prepare housing to make this generation happy and provide all the necessary measures for decent living. 

His Highness added that the house and the job are the main factors for happiness, as housing creates stability, and the job is that which establishes the house.