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Sultan Al-Qasimi: Digits of (Sharjah Statistics) transferred to decisions to raise the standard of living

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, emphasized that the man is always at the center of his thinking. He indicated that the numbers issued by the Department of Statistics are transferred to decisions, which mainly contribute to raising the standard of living for many classes.

He indicated that the salaries are raised in accordance with 42 indicators, including prices of basic foodstuffs, clothes, and many items.

His Highness said during a telephone intervention with program "Direct Line" at Sharjah radio that the numbers issued by the Department of Statistics show clearly the data of housing, number of divorced women and other needs, indicating that the matter took about two years, but it results in positive results.

His Highness said that he asked the officials to update the statistical data in five areas, which are: economic, social, demographic, health areas and living standards.

His Highness disclosed the results of updating statistics, explaining that there are 26,428 families in Sharjah; 6,880 families live in one-Storey villa and its members are 36,627; 16,706 families live in two-storey villa and its members are 116,583; 2,042 families live in an apartment and its members are 6,732; 55 families live in one room and its members are 367; 88 families live in studio and its members are 158.

His Highness said: from here, we have started working with the lowest-level categories and we have paid the rents of apartments on behalf of the tenants, and soon we will complete treatment of these cases.  Also, we note that there are 12,097 families consisting of 7 individuals, 11,476 families of whom more than two individuals live in one room, and 1,852 families who live in two rooms with females and males.

His Highness said that there are 2,391 divorced women in Sharjah; 1,850 divorced women do not have home and 240 divorced women do not get any support. Also, there are 3,549 widows; 2,158 widows do not have home and 45 widows do not get any support. Also, there are 149 abandoned women; 118 women do not have home and 11 women do not get any support. He emphasized that all their data, names, addresses, and phone numbers are available.

His Highness added: Now we have 4,362 families who have 7,078 adult and unmarried children. When we asked them why they have not got married until now they said that they do not have home or dowry and some do not have any job. So, we decided to provide them with their needs and to make new families, who will be the core of this society.

 His Highness explained that the update of statistics shows 5,290 families that include 83,000 adults deserving work; 7,000 unemployed, 758 disabled, and 2,584 patients.

His Highness said: the update of statistics shows that we have 1,024 families who have 2,464 orphans.