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Sultan Al Qasimi launches 'Sheikh Sultan Award'

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah launched Thursday "Sheikh Sultan Award for Celebrating the Spirit of Youth", the first of its kind award in the region, aiming to sharpen talents, hone daily skills and enhance the will of young people in the UAE by challenging various and multidisciplinary levels, including volunteering, adventure, skill and talent.

During a ceremony held at Al Badee Palace, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah delivered a speech in which he said: "We are pleased to welcome all of you today to launch a new important award, through which we support our dear sons and daughters not only in Sharjah but in the UAE as a whole, to encourage them to achieve excellence and exert creative efforts to push the wheel of progress forward and develop in all areas that advance our societies." 

"As you all know, the youth are the future of any nation, so it is incumbent on all of us, at all levels, whatever our positions are, to plan and unite efforts, so that our sons and daughters, from birth, at homes, schools, cultural, art and sports centres, get the appropriate and safe environment, which allows all to develop their physical and mental integrity, to reveal and polish their talents and to excel in their fields,"

His Highness added. "Some of you will excel in science, mathematics, medicine, engineering and the like; some will excel in the fields of business administration, economics and social sciences; still others will excel in the humanities, the fields of fine arts and performing arts. We thank God Almighty who created us with different talents and abilities to integrate with one another so as not only to enjoy good health, longevity, and easy life brought about by the advancement of medical, engineering and other sciences, but to enjoy the beauty of life through what the talented offer us in other fields,” His Highness continued.

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah concluded urging the youth to take up the areas of knowledge that go with their interests and talents.