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Sultan stresses importance of Al Nabati poetry and its role in documenting

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah and Ruler of Sharjah, stressed the importance of Al Nabati poetry and its role in documenting, incidents, victories and transferring the various sciences to the future generations.

This came in a speech delivered by His Highness on Monday evening at the opening of the Al Hira Literary Council, located on the Sharjah Corniche. The Council is a symbol seeking to restore the cultural, literary and artistic movement in the town of Al Hira.

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah at the beginning of his speech welcomed the poets and intellectuals in the Al Hira Literary Council, pointed out to the historical importance of Al Hira, which dates back to the Before the Islam Era, which was ignorant of faith and not in culture, literature and poetry, and that the confusion in Sharjah took this name from this town.   

His Highness said that the confusion of the ancient people of the “Al Sannatir”, a Christian people came from the north, was the first thing they have developed literature and poetry, so the confusion was the last of the capital of the Nabateans, who took culture from the north of the Arameans .   

His Highness recounted a number of his findings during his research on the roots of Arab culture, where he found that the poetry of the Arabs is the same as that of the Arameans, who apparently took it away from them.  

At the opening of Al Hira Literary Council, His Highness addressed the importance of Nabatian poetry and its role in documenting incidents and triumphs and the transfer of science, such as geography and others, and not only in conveying the feelings of love and passion, pointing out that Nabataean poetry is called the popular because it reaches people and spreads.     

Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi expressed the hope that the Al Hira Literary Council will be a great place for poets through the establishment of seminars, lectures and magazines among poets that reflect the poet's ability, and the history of the UAE abounds.  

His Highness recommended that the poets should take care of their poems, revise them well, and pay attention to the quality of their poems, wish to them at the end of his speech successes of the Council and its sponsors and poets.