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Sultan Al Qasimi receives participants in 5th AMLF

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah affirmed that journalism is a science, professionalism, knowledge and skill. He added that the journalist be he a writer or radio or T. V anchor or presenter should be fully aware of the importance of the word he writes or utters.

This came while His Highness received the participants in the 5th Arab Media Leaders Forum (AMLF) organised by Sharjah Government Media Bureau’s (SGMB) Press Club, at Sharjah Science and Astronomy Centre.

Welcoming his guests, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah expressed honour to receive this galaxy of media professionals saying the we should acknowledge and admit the fact that the media profession, like the entire professions, requires science and knowledge to avoid falling in the snare of the word.

His Highness highlighted the great significance of preparing and rehabilitating media professionals so that they can capably carry out their media mission. He pointed out that the Journalists Syndicate in Cairo has asked for cooperation  and I said that some of the floors in the building intended to do so are yet to be completed  promising that he would cooperate to complete these unfinished floors in the forms of an institute that teaches and trains journalists who will be dispatched to the east and the west to gain more expertise and knowledge.

Recognising the role of Egypt in the field of media, His Highness said that the knowledge and science he possesses have their roots in Egypt adding that Egypt is the core incubator of science and knowledge.

Reiterating the importance of the word, its danger and influence on societies and countries, His Highness said that the word is a trust; it may provoke wars and conflicts, urging journalists with good intent to learn and train well.

He pointed out that the current time has become easy to detect falsehood and manipulation of words, explaining that eyes are awake and watching, and the news circulates more than a media station.

His Highness further expounded that the journalist must enjoy a sense of responsibility and have clear intent; he should be a constructive builder who bring people closed and disperse them.

Noting the important role of the translator, His Highness advised translators to be accurate and true in their translation from one language to the other and to convey the same image in the source language to the targeted language.

His Highness advised media persons and those who want to join this important field to be precise, accurate and transparent in collecting and conveying the information. He also recommended them to consult research centres to document what they communicate to people adding truth in the journalist’s word is the truth with his self.