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Sultan Al Qasimi: SEA enables educational cadres to obtain the highest levels of professional development

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, affirmed that the establishment of the "Sharjah Education Academy" comes in the context of supporting the efforts of educational institutions in adhering to a culture of continuous improvement and upgrading time, indicating that the various programs and courses that the Academy will offer will enable professional cadres and educational leaders In the field of education to obtain the highest levels of professional development.

His Highness said in a recorded speech on the occasion of the establishment of the Sharjah Education Academy (SEA) and the inauguration of its electronic portal: "Our vision contains a number of basic pillars, the most prominent of which is the distinguished education and learning of community members at all levels and stages. To move forward on the path to achieving our vision we have created "by the grace of God" over the past decades Many educational institutions are known for their excellence in all stages from nurseries to universities to give our sons and daughters an opportunity to obtain a high-quality education that aims to develop knowledge and intellectual and innovative capabilities in various fields from a young age and to be able to rational engagement and creative interaction with the rapid changes of life around them.

His Highness pointed out the importance of an advanced teacher interacting constructively with the learners and that the establishment of the academy came to enable the teaching cadres to achieve this in the various educational stages by developing their capabilities and developing their performance and keeping pace with modern technologies in their field.

His Highness added, "We support and support teachers and learners wherever they are found to obtain the best outputs from our educational institutions, considering that His Highness the educated, educated, capable and capable youth is the hope to continue on the path of a promising future, God willing."