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Lightning, then rain

The scene has quickly spread in the horizons. His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, and President of Sharjah University delivers a speech on the occasion of the Alumni Association Society. He says a sincere prayer and then concludes the scene in a great final moment. The sky lightened, and then rained. This video has gone viral throughout the last week since Thursday. A lot has been said about it. Social media users, mostly young people expressed their spontaneous impressions. The scene captured two things or aspect:

First: Dr. Sultan's sense of responsibility as a ruler as he is always concerned with his country and people. He expresses his feelings towards them. It is an expression that is manifested in work as everyone knows. His attitudes are no longer surprising, but they come in an integrated context, the prayers to Allah to protect the country and its people every night in words uttered by Dr. Sultan before going to bed. He never goes to bed before doing his duty, working during the day and praying at night and every time.  The point is that Dr. Sultan was attending a graduate ceremony; the relation with them did not end and does not end after graduation.

This involves a quick message to the society, especially students and young graduates. He addressed them that: responsibility is a heavy task and must be born with confidence, patience and seriousness. Responsibility is not a picnic or a joke and when you bear responsibility you cannot hold the stick from the middle. It is just hard work to develop yourself and serve your country and society. Responsibility is a continuous work and endeavor to achieve noble goals that benefit the country and its people. This is what we understand from HH Ruler of Sharjah's address which ended with prayers.

In Dr. Sultan's words continuous establishment of the principle that all people, citizens and residents are "the ruler's responsibility". He looks after them with the help and protection of God. This awareness has become a firm faith that represents one the pillars of the method of Sultan's administration of the government. He cares to know the small details in life and livelihood of the society in order to develop the appropriate solutions every day, especially if there is a problem. The result is patient work based on monitoring, statistics, planning, balance between daily and strategic work, full transparency between the flow of information and the real achievement on the ground.

The second aspect is directly related to people's love to H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi. It is a love immediately translated by people into clear words and expressions with meanings. All this is in the horizon of love, spontaneity and positivity that UAE lives in its "unified home".

Today, Sharjah, that important part of UAE witnesses a development that has reflected positively on people's life in their homes and business as if their lives have been fertilized and rained like their sky which lightened and rained. Thank God.

Source: Al-Khaleej Newspapers - Ibn Al-Dirah