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Sharjah, Accessible City for the Physically Disabled

Sharjah has taken precedence over this or that field for the main reason, which is, after Allah's grace: His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, gives a great attention to Emirate and city of Sharjah as being one entity that improves all its elements and components. Dr. Sultan seeks to achieve the full image and supervise senior and executive managements by itself. To that end, the strategic work does not distract his Highness from the daily work, and vice versa. Dr. Sultan attends all details of the daily work, which makes it is possible to correct and amend paths continuously.

Nowadays, Emirate of Sharjah is characterized by positive action and City of Sharjah is at the forefront of all cities over the world and has gained global fame and reputation. All these achievements would not be made without the hard and fruitful work of his Highness during the past years and decades. By his Highness's efforts, Sharjah, emirate and city, has reached the highest levels.

Sharjah Civilizational project is basically a humanitarian project. Sharjah is basically a humanitarian city thanks to Dr. Sultan and his policy and is a humanitarian city nowadays due to the world and its specialized institutions.  It is certainly gratifying to see all achievements of Sharjah that have been made for all age classes and all society classes, especially these achievements made for the disabled. All these achievements have been made within structured and planned programs. The conversation that has been made while His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, receives the Chairman and Members of Board of Directors of Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped indicates to a special vision that has been applied successfully in an impressive and unprecedented manner in the region. As a result of this vision, City of Sharjah has become an Accessible City for the Physically Disabled, a child-friendly city and the Age-Friendly City.

The class of disabled people in Sharjah lives normally and optimally and exercises all its rights of education and continuous education, as well as right of work as being a natural right and not a gift.

The point is, the life of disabled people in Sharjah rises to the level of its peers in the most civilized and vibrant cities over the world.

In Sharjah, legislation has paved the way for this noble goal. It is impossible to create a new reality without governing laws, and law has not effect without activation, and no activation without application, and no application without follow-up. All achievements of Sharjah have been made thanks to efforts of Dr. Sultan, after Allah's grace.

May Allah bestow blessings upon all sincere efforts. It is required to circulate model of Sharjah, which is city of brotherhood, friendship, man and humanity and which is a friend of the class of disabled people, by deeds before words.

Source: Al Khaleej Newspaper – Ibn Al Deira