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Artists: Sultan Al Qasimi Enriches Theater with New Works

Sessions of Sharjah Theater Days are going on and do not look alike its antecedents. The attendance of the Opening Ceremony of the 28th Session of this Event reached this conclusion about the event that remains the base and pillar of the local theater every year.

The play of the opening under the rubric of "Book of God"… Conflict between Light and Darkness" was written by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. When this play was performed for the first time, the whole theatre was full of people half an hour before the show begins. The artists stress that the opening show is a new addition to the UAE Theatre, describing this play as an amazing work.

 This work was directed by Mr. Jihad Saad and performed by Ahmed Al Jasmi, Abdullah Masoud, Raed Al Dalati, Mahmoud Al Najjar, and 100 dancers and performers. This work represents a new addition to the UAE Theatre at many levels, especially with regard to intensify the text and visibility at the same time, in return for depending more on the different expressive panels.

Saying Everything

The young and veteran playwrights raised this paly. The Kuwaiti actor/ Saad Al – Faraj said "I was surprised by the show saying everything without elaboration and distant signals".

He added "The show made me cry, but at the same time, it made me feel hopeful. Who watched the show became sure that the UAE Theater will witness many developments, in the light of creativity and care of His Highness to the Theatre".

On its part, the artist Ahmed Al Jasmi who was protagonist of the play through character "leader of Illuminati" said that the show, for the Emirati artists, is a sign to a new unfamiliar addition to the local theatre and it gives a great attention to the priority for visibility, even if this will affect the imaginary presence of actors. He added" Through intensity and visibility, the show proves that the place of dialogue and narration of characters does not have any relation with the effective roles. Through an intensified and consistent text with vision of work, the protagonists were like mime actors, so to speak, but at the same time, they managed to convey statue, meaning and vision from stage to the theater hall".

Clearness and Intensity

The Artist/ Saif Al – Ghanim indicated particularly that the show was very appropriate for the opening ceremony, especially with regard to the great number of audience and large number of shows harmonious with development of acts on the stage. 

On its part, Artist/ Omar Ghbash sees that the show is distinguished by clear idea and intensity of text, indicating that these two features are absent in many local shows that tend to move out of the local culture and content not understood by the audience, even in the presence of those interested in the activity and the theater.

In particular, Ghbash praised Scenography and performance of actors, especially Ahmed Al Jasmi and Abdullah Masood, as well as the clear harmony and rhythm on the stage between elements of the theatrical work through director/ Jihad Saad.

No More Two Red lines

The artist/ Haifa Hussein said that the opening show of Sharjah Theater Days "Book of God"…Conflict between Light and Darkness" lead to the positive removal of the two red lines that have always bothered the theater creation. We get used in the field of theatrical drama that religion and politics are red lines, but here, there is a motivation to use all tools of creation in all aspects, including religion and politics.

More Training

The artist/ Ahmed Al Jasmi was very thrilled to be the main protagonist of the play "leader of Illuminati", indicating that he found himself the protagonist of the play in which he speaks only for urgent need. He said "This reality would not have happened without the extraordinary imagination of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, which enables us to live all details of the idea in spite of all this intensity.

Hope they didn’t love me

A strange situation encountered by the artist Abdullah Massoud, who played the role of "leader of darkness", in the work that envisaged a conflict between light and darkness, and ended with the victory of the former. The audience "loved" the role of Massoud as he described it. "I have become an expert in the roles of evil." "Despite the applause, I wish the audience would have hated me” he continued. This is a stronger indication than the applause for my success by convincing them of my role as the leader of darkness."

Source: Al emarat alyoum Newspaper