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Steve Harvey: Sharjah Ruler made me comfortable with who I am

Steve Harvey, radio personality and motivational speaker, said: “His Highness told me yesterday, and I’m repeating directly exactly what he said… he told me that Islam believes in all faiths.. that it is a religion of peace, that it believes in Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ, in all faiths. This is what being a Muslim is. This is what he told me. “You see, he made me comfortable with who I am.”

Harvey was addressing an audience packed into the fair’s 2000-capacity ballroom with hundreds more waiting in line to be in the company of one of the biggest international television celebrities of our time.

Speaking on his first visit to Sharjah, he said: “The emirate of Sharjah cannot be compared to any other city in the world”, he added that he was welcomed and celebrated their guests like no other host.”