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Al-Hyra in Sultan's point of view

In his historical and cultural research, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah always represents the sincere and conscientious writer who is dedicated to his intellectual project and enlightened research. He depends on documents, sources and manuscripts examined by himself. In order to find the truth and evidence, H. H. travels everywhere to get his historical sources and he dedicates himself to research so that he can provide the specialist and non-specialists reader with a cultural research abstract free of any doubts. He always examines his historical and cultural material carefully.

On the occasion of the publication of "Alhyra in Sharjah" and the occasion of establishment of "Al hyra Literacy Council", H. H. Ruler of Sharjah informs us of reliable historical and scientific information about the area of Alhyra in Sharjah based again on the conscientiousness of a writer who is sincere to his cultural project. For some, this information may be heard for the first time. Alhyra dates back to the late pre-Islamic period. H. H. tells us that Alhyra had "literature and poetry forums during the rule of Manazira and Ghasasinah who came from Yemen and moved to the north. Manazira lived in Alhyra and Ghasasinah lived in the Levant".

Here, we take history from a man of history and in a cultural event within the map of Sharjah Cultural Project to which the new "Alhyra Literary Forum" was added in the ancient cultural area of Sharjah, which witnessed the establishment of Alhyra poetry group in the first half of the twentieth century. Alhyra also witnessed the establishment of primary schools and forums of literature, science and enlightenment by the pioneers of culture who are still in the UAE cultural memory today.

Alhyra from Sharjah Magazine and "Alhyra Literary Forum" represent honor for poetry and poets. The evidence of this honor is evident in HH's speech about poetry. HH says:" we promise to publish the ancient poetry with its interpretations as we can benefit from it on occasions". He added:" we want something good and we would like to help and gather the poets to publish their poems". The opening of "Alhyra Literary Forum" has coincided with HH Ruler of Sharjah receiving the participants in the 27th conference of General Federation of the Arab Writers. During this event, more than 40 poets read their poems. The opening also coincided with Sharjah Festival for Traditional Poetry in which more than 60 poets read their poems. A few days ago, Sharjah Festival for Arab Poetry had been concluded where more than 30 poets read their poems. This is a great honor for the Arab Diwan in Sharjah, the capital of Arab Diwan.

Source: Al Khaleej newspaper- Yousuf Abu Louz.