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Sultan.. Half a Century of Giving and Building

The huge leap in quality achieved by the United Arab Emirates since its inception and over the decades of its launch, whose fifth decade has not completed after it was reflected in its main cities spearheaded by Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. This is natural for the availability of the components for the impressive success of the march and its outcomes. The Emirate has harnessed these factors to race time to reach glory and reap a huge abundance of global competitiveness, which has added to the Emirates a tremendous strength, immunity and balance of appreciation, respect, love and international cooperation.

Any person following the escalating growth of the Emirate of Sharjah must be filled with admiration, fascination, and pride in an Arab emirate that has been far more advanced than many countries of the world in terms of civilization, construction, and human.

Services are available in all aspects, which facilitated the lives of everyone who lives in the smiling emirate without any discrimination or difference between an Emirati or a resident, like the rest of the Emirates of tolerance and coexistence. Everyone is equal, they have the same rights, and they have the required duties.

All of this came only with a long-term forward-looking outlook of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, who transformed his years of rule for the Emirate of Sharjah into platforms for culture, science, smiles and everything that delights people and brings in them the optimism and hope for the most beautiful future.

His Highness continued to serve Sharjah, follow the small details and direct those concerned to remedy any defect, improve the reality and turn it into the most beautiful and best, as well as the tireless work that everyone is doing around the clock to achieve security, safety and reassurance as addresses that fill the life of everyone who lives on this giving land until Sharjah becomes stable and home.

Sharjah, during the reign of Sultan who grew up with patriotism, love of knowledge and science, and a passion for the history of his homeland and nation, has become a center of knowledge and science, including schools, institutes and universities.

Sultan, who is searching for science and knowledge everywhere, holds two PhDs from the UK, one in philosophy and the geopolitics of the Gulf from the University of Durham in 1999, and earlier in philosophy and history from the University of Exeter in 1985, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Engineering from Cairo University in 1971.

His Highness, the ruler and scholar, led the cultural, economic and social development in the Emirate, exerted multiplied efforts and provided resources to encourage interaction and cultural dialogue locally, regionally and internationally among all peoples.

All of this gave him a prestigious and distinguished place in all parts of the world until he became a symbol of the educated ruler, who is searching for science and knowledge in all its forms, in addition to having the talent of writing and authoring that qualified him to obtain a large number of honorary doctorate degrees in arts, literature, philosophy, humanities, political sciences, administration and history, and other from the most prestigious and most reputable universities in the world, such as Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, France, Britain, Japan, Germany, Armenia, Canada, Malaysia, Russia and Pakistan for his academic and educational contributions and the spread of Arab-Islamic culture.

Dr. Sultan is a global personality whose news of achievements are talked about by everyone with pride. His Highness was awarded honorary memberships in a number of prestigious bodies, so he was the honorary president of the Association of Arab Universities, the Arab Theatre Institute, the Arab Association for Space and Astronomy, and the International Foundation for the History of Muslim and Arab Sciences (SIFHAMS), and many others.

His Highness has a large number of literature and books dealing with various issues, including historical, political, literary and theatrical, which were published in Arabic and other languages. Because he is devoted to the love and service of people, he preferred to have his books that exceeded the ninety available for everyone, so His Highness directed those in charge with the official website to upload the full electronic copies of each of his books on the site in both Arabic and English in response to the increasing requests from users of the website and other readers.

He is an exceptional and inspiring leader who enjoys both the power of thought, science and action. You can barely enter a place, but find a mark of Sultan. He does all this with a sincere desire that what is in your hand if you share it with your brother, you will feel a sense of reassurance.

In the midst of all this, His Highness' interest in the human being for whom His Highness has paved the paths of success through empowering him scientifically is clearly evident. His Highness built the universities and made their construction towering. He also established the finest schools and scientific and educational institutes to form an educational incubator to compete with global peers with distinction and to make the rivers of their science flow in order for every knowledge seeker gains from them. This, in turn, was reflected in the nature of life in the emirate that considers its culture as universal umbrella.

Since man preoccupies the mind of His Highness, the citizen has gained priority in the various development plans of the emirate, where His Highness was keen to provide all livelihoods of well-being. Therefore, his children were pleased with the honors and increases in their living and blessed with the abundance of decent living without excluding the retired people who served the country tirelessly; they received many blessings and gifts thanks to the generosity of His Highness.

Sultan, the educated ruler who follows all the details of his emirate, is keen on being the compassionate father for everyone, so you see him sharing with people their joys and wiping their tears in their agony to be the most precious father, teacher and leader, and turn half a century of rule, wisdom, benevolence and construction into contracts that sparkle in the Emirates sky. 

Source: Al-Khaleej Newspaper