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This bestowal of honor is a message to every family

The Wreath of Sharjah still has a good impact on the society, and a narrative circulated amongst its members and through dialogues and messages received by me. His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, surprised me with such Wreath within an Emirati, Arab and international intellectual gathering at the opening of the 37th Sharjah International Book Fair where I was chosen to be honored by the Man of Difficult Missions, who knocks the door of the human world through the windows of thought and science, harnessing his culture and intellectual effort to reflect the human image of our Arab society in the global scientific forums. And to establish relationships based on the sciences of humanities, history and the universe. Here, his culture and intellectual effort surprised all those scientists who acquaint with these research efforts which include facts and incidents of paramount importance documented in his writings. These facts, which he refuses to falsify with fiction or other events even when he writes his literary novel, having a profound belief that nothing but the truth alone should have the microphone to speak, even if the history with its narrations turned into a literary piece of art: drama or novel.

In order to arrive at these facts, he always takes a path that is not easy and goes beyond obstacles that are too hard to remove, especially intellectual obstacles that reject the truth or even object to mention. However, he is a man of history who feels he is responsible for every word, every event and every issue as long as its parts safely reach his hands. When I was honored by such great man of culture and science, it was really a glorious moment. I would like to thank him for this honor, and I would like to emphasize that it is a tribute to every woman who worked with our team, which is still striving to achieve the optimal development of human beings inside and outside the Country. The speech smoothly delivered by His Highness is an explicit evidence of my saying; His Highness points out, with his literary sense and his poetic style, to the humanitarian, social, cultural and economic work through which we work within a distinguished team to achieve our developmental mission that includes this diversity. Then the honoring of His Highness to me with this Wreath carries a meaning that every man should read well. Woman is truly a pure representation of his dignity, his esteem and his pride. The more he values greatly and honors her, the more she feels with pride in the way of their shared life. Honoring and dignifying woman is gained through the simplest attitudes that reflect her importance in his life, make her feel that she is actually a central human being in his family. On the other hand, woman should appreciate the presence of her husband and her children in her life.

Indeed, I have an important insight of this honor whereby I want everyone to pay attention to woman since she is closely connected with the most important elements on which cohesive society is established. This honor is a message to our brother: the man who shares his wife the leadership of his family on the basis of values of love, satisfaction and respect. Honoring women stimulates them to undertake their roles and responsibilities in order to achieve a stable and safe life for their families, and to confront thoughtfully, carefully and contemplatively any possible intruders that would dare to storm the stability and safety of their families, in a manner that makes them perform their role in the protection and advancement of society. Being overly preoccupied with problems - overcome and shrunk until they fade - affects the performance of both men and women, because there are ideologies targeted to storm the individual - whether husband or wife - in a manner that deteriorate his /her own potentials to fulfill his/her life, humanitarian and even functional commitments.

You - the husband - should honor the woman who accepts to share your life, to share the process of building your family, to share the protection of your children and to sincerely endeavor to provide them with safety.

On the other hand, you - the wife - should honor your husband, comply with his covenant and adjust your priorities only for building a family on the bases of goodness, mercy, affection and tranquility, as Allah Almighty said in His Holy Book.

It is my message to each husband and to each wife out of our responsibility for this society, since we are always striving to grant the family its due position within the frame of our efforts exerted to build the unique and effective personality of each child and youngster. We are working and striving to achieve the best living conditions for the individuals of society, and husbands and wives should contribute to this through overcoming any arisen problems and making little concessions so as to reach to the safe side, and thus, the whole society will be gifted with the same safety.

What I hope is that man gets himself to understand the role of his wife in his life. There is nothing wrong with thanking his wife in public and honoring her in a forum, even if it is a family forum. This strengthens the relationship between them. This creates a kind of sincere and heartfelt tenderness, not just a duty or a burden to be done, which supports the pillars of the family.

I would like to say to His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah: Thank you for this honor and thank you for honoring all women in my country through me.

(Published in conjunction with Marami Magazine)

Jawahar bint Mohammed Al Qasimi

Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs