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Sultan.. the Vibrant Heart of Sharjah

Since His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi assumed the reins of the rulership of the Emirate of Sharjah on the twenty-fifth of January 1972, he had been nourishing Sharjah from his soul. He has also situated his smile wherever he laid his feet until Sharjah became known as the smiling emirate. During nearly five decades of time, His Highness did not hesitate to take care of every little and big detail in His beloved emirate. And just as He did not suffice in recommending those near Him and appointing the best officials, He also did not rest till He personally took care of all the affairs and witness every new achievement.

Thus …His Highness directed Sharjah, confidently towards a bright and promising future. And with each new step a value is established, an idea is renewed, and a goal is achieved. Henceforth, Sultan made of His emirate a beacon of knowledge and a capital of culture. This happened after He spent His youth in the corridors of universities, in search of knowledge. In other words, His passion for the history of peoples and civilizations left an imprint that cannot be ignored throughout Sharjah, whose museums, streets and unique architecture celebrate the antiquity of history that embraces the splendor of the future.

What is rather impressive is that the river of generosity has not been affected over the years. However, its streams have diverged, and its goods have multiplied. Until He enriched the far and the near. This was accomplished despite the obstacles and slopes. The bid of His Highness was not restricted to one region without another but included everyone without exception. He reiterated with all love “do not be troubled by your concerns, I am the one who will carry it”. The 2020 year has entailed many economical and sanitary challenges, with many countries unable to overcome them. Additionally, we find a concern in the majority of community members to practice daily activists. Yet, the year 2020 did not add to the life of Sultan, the one of goodness, except more goodness and prosperity. Henceforth, His Highness says” I and my possessions are for this land”. And since the spread of the Corona pandemic in the country, our honourable Sheikhs have been doing everything they can to overcome this crisis with the least possible losses and bring the country and all of its citizens and residents to safety. Not only that, but to progress in all the projects and the developmental plans that they promised to their people.

Furthermore, during the month of October, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, inaugurated many developmental projects in the Emirate of Sharjah and in the Eastern region in particular. This in turn has re-confirmed the position of the Eastern Region on the country’s touristic map. An example of these projects are: the new Kalba Road and the Rest House of Shees Park and the historical village of Najd Al Maqsar. In addition to the initiative to cultivate a number of mountains located on the Sharjah-Khorfakkan road. These projects join the many projects that were initiated earlier, such as the Al Rafisa Dam Rest House, the Roman Amphitheatre, the waterfalls, the heritage village and the old market in Khorfakkan. These projects and others are monuments that all residents of the Emirate, both citizens and residents are proud of. As their influence extends in various aspects. Enhancing economic activity, the beauty of history, culture and innovation.

Sultan, the one of virtue, and His brothers, the members of the Supreme Council of the Federation, the rulers of the Emirates deserved their dear status in the hearts of their people, both residents and citizens, With these achievements, that were unmatched even by the world’s largest nations. Henceforth, our global reputation transcended our geographical borders.

Equally, when His Highness was asked about the statistics of the Emirate of Sharjah, He replied: I wanted it to be a witness for me personally, so that I would not stand on the Day of Resurrection before the Lord of the Worlds being heedless. Since God Almighty has entrusted this task to me and I have to accomplish it. Indeed, we are all shepherds and we are all responsible for this nation. The homeland is entrusted to all of us, and the responsibility is shared by all of us.

Therefore, congratulations to us all on the Sultan of virtue …

Source: Al Khaleej Newspaper - Obaid Al Ghoul Al Salami