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Sultan and Social Security

The directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, issued to the competent officers in the Government of Sharjah to care about the social segments that deserve subsidy and assistance and to help them to face the growing burdens of life, express that H.H is keen to stability of the society of the Cultural Emirate, through providing its citizens and families with decent life without pressures, crises and problems. H.H keenness is embodied rapidly in positive practical steps, decisions, and situations.

The retirees are similar to these social segments in need of continuous government subsidy to be at the top of his interests. Thus, when H.H met president and members of Sharjah Social Security Fund, he directed the officers to increase the minimum of pension in Government of Sharjah to 17.5 thousand dirhams instead of 12 thousand dirhams. This indicates of H.H commitment and intension to stability of Sharjah by relieving burdens of citizens wherever their place, especially in light of the living conditions.

An amount of 5,500 dirhams monthly shall be added to pension of each one of 660 retirees not exceeding 12 thousand dirhams. Such digits have a positive mean towards the retirees and their families, and although it is considered as additional burden on budget of Government of Sharjah, but H.H bears this type of burdens with open arms. This confirms that the ruler is responsible for his citizens and the citizen enjoys a decent life meeting all his basic needs.

Sultan who spares no efforts to care various social segments with low income is also keen to provide suitable solutions for each segment and subsidizes it with all the possibilities available to the government; at the top of which currently is Sharjah Social Security Fund, which considers and remedies conditions of all segments and classes, serves the insured and their families, and receives all H.H subsidy in this regard.

Using local coverage of benefits that protects citizens with low income at the rest of Emirates is considered as a national mission and duty that we hope to be applied in all local governments, to provide citizens with social security, wherever his shelter, following approach of federal government to provide care to all citizens and upgrade their standard of living and personal talents and productive capacities. The attention is always given to the private sector, especially the major national companies that are able to be a real support to the federal government and local governments to provide the best living conditions for citizens. The opportunity will be available for many of these companies when they just have a good faith and the national spirit prevails over others.

 Source: Ibn al-Deera - Al Khaleej newspaper