The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

28 to the island, was Ruknuddin Hāmed, whose reign started in 641 AH (1243 CE). Under his rule Hurmuz prospered tremendously. He had maintained many brave ghters in his army and achieved great victories extending his power all the way to Zafar. In Hurmuz, Ali and his company were asked where they were travelling to. They said "to the Holy House of Allah".(1) "But the Hajj(2) season has not started yet. It is only due starting the month of DhulQi'dah",(3) they were told. "We will then wait here until the time for the Hajj season," Ali ibn Sultan Hassan responded. (1) Meaning, the Kaaba, in modern Saudi Arabia. (2) Hajj is Arabic for pilgrimage to Mecca. (3) The 11th month of the Islamic lunar calendar.