The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

34 him Bagha Amed and made him a Sultan. He was therefore, Sultan Ali al-Wāsil ibn Sultan al-Hassan of Shiraz ibn Sultan Ali Shah of Shiraz ibn al-Hassan ibn Ishāq. On the same ship was also Ibrāhīm alMahdi ibn Mahmoud ibn Ahmed ibn Ishāq, cousin of Sayyed Ibrāhīm ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmed ibn Ishāq, the Chief Judge, religious leader and the leader of the Shiraz rebellion. These two men disembarked at Kilwa with their families. They soon realized that the island of Kilwa turned sometimes to a peninsula when the tide receded into the sea revealing a path where people would be able to walk freely. There, they also found a mosque and an old mausoleum being the burial ground of some righteous man who was the builder of the mosque. They also