The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

49 In the morning, al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān, the Stabbed, was received as the Sultan of the land, and his brother amicably and peacefully transferred power to him. Owing to his exemplary generosity and renowned hospitality, Sultan al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān was rightly called "AbulMawāhib".(1) When matters settled for him, he turned his attention to avenge the killing of his father at the hands of the people of Mombasa who spear-stabbed him as they sided against him with Sultan al-Hassan ibn Daoud la-Wāsil during his coup. AlHassan ibn Sulaimān came out of the war victorious. He subjugated Mombasa and became its rst king. (1) “Abul-Mawāhib” means the great giver of gifts and awards.