The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

50 In his reign, the Mosque of Kilwa was completely destroyed except for its famous dome. The people performed their daily prayers in tents and in areas shaded with fabric. Living up to his name, Sultan al-Hassan Abul-Mawāhib was famed as a righteous man of honour. The Sharifs of Iraq, the Hijaz and other places paid him visits where they would receive great honours and be awarded handsomely. In the year 760 AH (1358 CE), the famous traveller, Shamsuddin Abu Abdullāh Muhammad ibn Abdullāh al-Lawāti atTanji (better known as Ibn Battuta), visited Kilwa where he met Sultan al-Hassan AbulMawāhib. During his stay, Ibn Batutta saw a number Sharifs from Hijaz in the court of the Sultan. Among them were Muhammad