The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

61 Sultan Isma’īl. This shift was due to the fact that there were no other powerful men suitable for rule except for Prince Muhammad, being a man of greater wealth and power compared to everyone else. He, therefore, became Sultan and was called "al-Mażlūm".(1) As fate may have it, he only ruled for one year and then died. The rule of Kilwa was then passed on to his brother, Ahmed ibn Sulaimān ibn Muhammad (the Just King). Appointed as visir was Sa'eed ibn al-Hassan AbulMawāhib of the al-Mahdi family -who had previously made claims to the throne- and appointed as Emir was Sulaimān ibn Muhammad al-Mażlūm of the al-Wāsil family. (1) “al-Mażlūm” literally means “the one against whom injustice was committed”.