The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

73 so powerful that one time, he appointed a visir with no claims whatsoever to the throne as Sultan of Kilwa. He did this to spite the Sharifs. The visir appointed was Hassan ibn visir Sulaimān ibn visir Yārik.(1) Al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān ibn Yārik ruled as the Sultan of Kilwa for six years before Emir Muhammad Kawāb deposed him. Then, he appointed as Sultan, Hassan Sabħa ibn Muhammad (the Just King). Hassan, who was against the appointment, was the imam (Khatīb) of the Kilwa Mosque and father of both Sultan Abdullāh and Sultan Ali. A few months later, to get out of Kilwa, the recently appointed Sultan Hassan Sabħa used the excuse that he wanted to (1) Yārik is Persian for “beloved one”.