The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

82 ibn Muhammad al-Mażlūm succeeded him. When the news of the death of Emir Muhammad Kawāb reached Ali, the messenger of Zanzibar, he returned to Zanzibar to inform his brother. In the meantime, Hassan ibn Yārik led a large army of Muslims and non-Muslims and marched towards Kilwa believing there was no one left there to oppose his succession to the throne of the Kilwa Sultanate. He travelled from the Mingoyo region to a place called Kisib, on the African coast near Kilwa. As the news spread about his arrival to that point, the people of Kilwa were alarmed. Sultan Fuđail and Emir Ibrāhīm ibn Muhammad (the Just King) sent a group of scholars, senior citizens and Kilwa dignitaries to Hassan ibn Yārik