The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

97 they needed to send Emir Ibrāhīm to the Portuguese command ship, otherwise, the Portuguese forces would occupy Kilwa by force. Believing they could get away with the same trick a second time, the people of Kilwa dressed another man in the Emir's attire and wanted to send him instead. But, Fernao Martins warned them of the grave consequences. They had no other option but to get the Emir to board the Portuguese ship. The Emir was accompanied by Muqaddam Sulaimān, Jurist Ayyūb and Jurist Omar, who were the sons of Jurist Muiħ alMalandi. When they got on board, they were taken into custody by the Portuguese. Then, Viceroy Dom Francisco DeAlmeida disembarked and walked on the island of Kilwa. With him was Joao Da Nova, the