The Book of Allah: A Play on The Conflict between Light and Darkness

T h e B o o k o f A l l a h 23 Commander of Darkness: Bring them in. A group of women dressed in black are brought in. Commander of Darkness (to his men): Each one of you takes one of them. Each Żalāmi grabs one of the women who scream loudly. The Żalāmis are heard barking like dogs as they chase the women: Woof, woof! They all mix as the chase and screams continue: Woof, woof! Commander of Darkness: Who would like to have better and more beautiful women than these? Four houris in Paradise. Yes, four houris in Paradise. Let those who would like this come forward and blow themselves up. You will then die as a martyr and will be taken straight to Paradise where the houris are.