The Book of Allah: A Play on The Conflict between Light and Darkness

T h e B o o k o f A l l a h 27 them to retrieve the copy of the Qur’an from them. The Qur’an copy changes hands and it eventually ends in the hands of the Commander of Light, who raises it high. The Żalāmis start falling to the ground one after the other. Pointing at the dead bodies of the Żalāmis, the Commander of Light says: Drive these debased people out of here. The Nūrānis start pulling the corpses out of the stage while chanting: Allah is great, really and truly; Praise be to Allah abundantly; Day and night to Allah be glory; There is no god but Allah, the one and only. To His servant He granted victory, Raised in honour the status of His soldiers, And Alone He defeated the confederates; There is no god but Allah. Qur’an recitation is heard. Voice: Allah, glorified be He, says: And say, Truth has come and falsehood has