The Audacious

17 money was in Aleppo, and that he would pay her when he got there. The diplomatic mission was heading for Persia, and it was decided that it would take the route of the trade line, from Aleppo to Iraq, then to Persia. As it stood at the time, Marie Claude Petit was so far away from home. She travelled 300 km from Paris to Moulins. Then she chased her debtor for another 190 km, from Moulins to Lyon. After he promised to pay her in Marseille, she followed him there, travelling another 313 km, only to be told that he had gone to Toulon, 60 km from Marseille. In Toulon, he disappeared like a mirage, and she was told the money was in Aleppo! Fearing she was going to lose all her 8,000 Livres if she returned home without the