The Audacious

23 The Turkish Governor of Aleppo together with the Christians clerics ended intervening to prevent Mrs Du Hamel from continuing to act in this manner. To keep the pressure off her, Marie Petit sought Fabre’s support; but Monsieur Fabre utilised this opportunity to try to extract more money from her, thus asked her for another 2000 Livres. Marie Petit stated that the debt would then be 10,000 livres, which would have to be paid back in full in one instalment. Fabre, however, disagreed and stressed that the newly agreed amount would be paid to her by Monsieur Blanc, the legal advisor of the French Consulate in Aleppo, as her travel expenses. Acting upon instructions from De Ferriol, the French Ambassador in Constantinople, the French Consul in Aleppo, instigated the