The Audacious

35 demanded from the Khan of Yerevan to punish Du Hamel for his insults. Du Hamel was arrested and put in custody. The Khan of Yerevan then wrote to the King of Persia to inform him of the death of Fabre. He also instructed Marie Petit and all the French personnel to go to Kanaker, a small town about 11 KM to the north of Yerevan, where they would reside in house, called “The French Residence”, belonging to the French Consulate in Yerevan. The members of the diplomatic mission did as instructed. One day, as they were sitting at a table, a woman brought them a fruit basket. Justiniani, le valet, presented the basket to Joseph Fabre, who took some fruit. Afterwards, Justiniani took the basket and put it aside far from everyone’s reach.