The Audacious

52 get rid of her, even if such injustice was to tarnish the reputation of France. Two days later, he decided to go to her new dwelling place with a group of servants and a sword in his hand, to kill her. However, she received a warning about his evil plan, and sent some guards to inform the Khan of Tabriz of the situation. The Khan sent a force of 200-300 men to intercept Michel, who was forced to return to his own residence. The Khan of Tabriz had been advised by the Khan of Yerevan to provide necessary protection to Marie Petit. Michel left Tabriz under the pretext that he was meeting the King of Persia. Marie Petit left four days later. After a month of travelling, she arrived at the town of Amol in the Caspian region north of Persia, where the Persian King himself was camping.