The Audacious

70 Eventually, Marie Petit was released in 1713; but her case was far from nished. On 8th March, 1714, Chancellor Pontchartain wrote to Monsieur Arnoul, the legal supervisor in Marseille, stressing that Marie Petit’s case had been ruled on, but its conclusion was still uncertain. He stated “I have to tell you about Marie Petit, but you do not need to respond as you are well aware of her case. You must not continue investigating this lawsuit. The current proposition is primarily to put a de nitive end to this case with no appeal. To this effect, Marie Petit has agreed to reduce the amounts owed to her to only 8,000 livres, and she prefers that she is paid from the movable assets of the late Monsieur Fabre.” Marie Petit pursued repayment of her debt for eleven years, but collected nothing.