Tu r g u t 67 they must listen to reason. They will not do anything. Don Álvaro: I heard the Ottoman fleet is nearby. One of the Commanders (enters in fear and panic. When he hears what Don Álvaro says he answers disapprovingly): You said nearby?! Look, look. You all look. They are here already. It is the Ottoman fleet. Sounds of firing and shelling fill the place. Chaos all over. The Island is disturbed and the Holy League is in a terrible state of panic and fright. A soldier (enters shouting): Look! Doria is leaving with the Southerners. He’s got them on board of his ship and is running away! Another soldier (enters and shouts in panic): Look! The Spanish Commander Don Juan is running away with his troops on board of his ships! A third soldier (shouts in terror): The Ottomans are disembarking on the island! O, my God! O, my God!