The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 36 - In spite of the fact that that force was sufficient to occupy Zubara, yet, nothing of the sort happened. This confirms the idea that generally speaking Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr was aiming to force the Utoub tribe to accept his terms and put pressure on them through closing the Zubara port and obstructing the trade activities. In the meantime, a Persian fleet arrived to assist Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr. It was put to action combing constantly the coast area between Bahrain and Zubara. The Utoubs were not in a position of power that would enable them to oppose all these troops. The Sheikh of Bandar Rig mediated between the Utoubs and Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr. The Utoubs rejected the terms of Sheikh Nasser, but pledged to return everything they had looted from Bahrain if Sheikh Nasser was amenable to have a peace agreement with them. The mediatory endeavours of the Sheikh of Bandar Rig failed. Therefore, SheikhNasser of Bushehr sought