The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 39 - The news reached Sheikh Nasser, who after a few hours of unsuccessful attempts to attack Zubara, decided to leave the Arabian coast immediately. On 29th May, 1783, the Persian troops arrived with Sheikh Nasser to the county of Dayyer, near the Bardestan creek, to the west of Kangan. From there, Sheikh Nasser headed for the city of Asalouyeh where the ship of Sheikh Rashid bin Mattar al-Qasimi had docked. It was said that they had intended to stay until they were able to gather enough troops to return to Zubara. Sheikh Rashid got very busy with the task in order to avenge the death of his nephew. The boats of Bushehr, Bandar Rig and Janaveh returned to their respective Bandars.(4) On 5th August, 1783, Sheikh Nasser bin Nasser alZaabi, deputy of Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr, arrived to Bushehr coming from Bahrain. He had been forced to surrender the Bahrain Castle to the Utoubs on 23rd July, 1785. The Persian garrison that was in Bahrain also returned to Persia. The arrangements to subdue Zubara were ongoing.