The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 41 - As to the Sheikhs of Bandar Rig and Janaveh, they were too busy with the war between the Turks and Banu Ka‘b as they both were supporting the latter party. The fleet of SheikhAbdullah al-Ma‘ini’s of Hurmuz and Qeshm never made it to Bushehr. The long-awaited fleet of Sheikh Rashid bin Mattar al-Qasimi was on an unannounced sea trip to Basra.(6) In December 1784, the preparations for a new campaign against the Utoubs in Zubara and Bahrain began. Sheikh Nasser’s sailors were getting ready and at full alert. Sheikh Nasser was going to be joined by Sheikh Abdullah al-Ma‘ini and Sheikh Rashid bin Mattar al-Qasimi. On 12th February, 1785, Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr, left to Kong by road. His ships, together with those of Bandar rig, sailed to Kong. There, they would meet with the Sheikhs of Hurmuz and Ras al-Khaimah, and all would join forces in attacking Bahrain and Zubara. Ali Murad Khan Zand, nephew of Karim Khan