The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 44 - Sheikh Nasser al-Matroushi of Bushehr in the next campaign against the Utoubs of Zubara and Bahrain. With the death of the king, Sheikh Nasser decided to postpone his campaign on the Arabia coast, and instead, returned to Bushehr in early March 1785 to follow up the changing affairs of Persia from up close. King Ali Murad Khan Zand of Persia (1782-1785) had previously sent his troops to the Mazandaran province, where Mohammad Khan Qajar, the army chief of the former King Abul-Fatħ Khan, had led a rebellion. King Abul-Fatħ Khan had escaped north to stay away from the chaos and troubles taking place around Isfahan and Shiraz at the time. However, as King Ali Murad Khan Zand was informed that Ja‘far Khan, who was Sadiq Khan’s son and Karim Khan’s brother, attacked Isfahan during the absence of the king, Ali Murad Khan Zand decided to return to Isfahan. However, he was too ill at the time and died before reaching Isfahan. Ja‘far Khan, the eldest son of Sadiq Khan, was in Isfahan, and Sayed Murad bin Khuda Murad Khan Zand, cousin of the late King Ali Murad Khan, was in