The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 46 - Ja‘far Khan, sent three armies in all directions against him; but they ended dispersing and never met their Qajar enemy, who had headed for Isfahan. Ja‘far Khan then withdrew to Shiraz, and Mohammad Khan Qajar managed to occupy Isfahan on 16th May, 1785. When Ja‘far Khan approached Shiraz, it came to the knowledge of Sayed Murad bin Khuda Murad Khan Zand that Ja‘far Khan had only around 1,000 men. He decided to take advantage of this information and turned against Ja‘far Khan. However, to his disappointment, he found that all the notables of Shiraz were in support of Ja‘far Khan. Sticking to his principles, Syed Murad went to meet Ja‘far Khan and submitted his resignation from the government of Shiraz. Ja‘far Khan granted him amnesty as previously promised. On 18th May, 1785, Ja‘far Khan entered Shiraz. On 10th July, 1785, Ja‘far Khan headed for Isfahan, where an army of 12,000 men of the Bakhtiari province --west of Isfahan and extending to the Muhammara-- had been mobilized and stationed near Isfahan in support of Ja‘far Khan.