The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 53 - Lar where he learnt that his father, Ja‘far Khan, had fallen seriously ill. He then decided to return to Shiraz. In Shiraz, in the morning of 22nd January 1789, the people of Shiraz gathered in the square opposite the headquarters of the ruler of Shiraz to see that the ruler’s head was hanging on a post sticking out of one of the windows. They rushed into the building to find the beheaded corpse thrown on some government records he was working on. The story came to be known as follows: Pushed by his hatred of Ja‘far Khan for blinding and imprisoning Sheikh Uwais bin Ali Murad Khan Zand (cousin of Karim Khan Zand), Sayed Murad bin Khuda Murad Khan Zand plotted against Ja‘far Khan. He seized the opportunity that Ja‘far Khan was terminally ill and that Lotf Khan, his son, was away, and bribed the Ja‘far Khan’s slave, who was in charge of administering his medications. The slave mixed the medicine with poison, and Ja‘far Khan lost his life as a result. Then, Sayed Murad bin Khuda Murad Khan