The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 55 - an army to fight Lotf Ali Khan Zand in Kerman. In a change of events, the commander of Sayed Murad Khan Zand’s army took Murad Shah into custody, and then joined the troops of Lotf Ali Khan Zand. This move encouraged Lotf Ali Khan Zand to head for Shiraz. There, the governor of Shiraz, Haji Ibrahim, was rallying the people in support of Lotf Ali Khan Zand. When Lotf arrived in Shiraz, he was warmly received and welcomed. Sayed Murad Khan Zand escaped to the fort of Shiraz, but shortly afterwards, he surrendered and was immediately executed.(4) After the governor and people of Shiraz crowned Lotf Ali Khan Zand, Lotf met Mohammad Khan Qajar in battle, 18 km to the south of Shiraz. He was defeated and had to rush back to his capital, Shiraz, which he defended for a month, but as he was unable to enter it, he returned to Tehran The following year, 1790, Lotf Ali Khan Zand prepared a military campaign against Kerman. Mohammad Khan Qajar was conqueringAzerbaijan at the time. When Lotf arrived to Kerman, he demanded that its ruler surrender himself, but the ruler refused.