The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 62 - refusing’. The soldiers rebelled and joined Qa’id Rahma al-Houili. When the Ottoman forces reached Qarna, the women and children of al-Jaza’ir (Basra Reef) clans dispersed through Shatt al-Arab. In their company were their chiefs and Kurdish governors. They landed at the Persian coast and were called, the Houili group. This explains why those clan members may hardly be found round Basra. Hussain Pasha Abu Afrasiyab had joined them, but when he arrived in Shiraz, the King of Persia rejected him. As a result, he travelled to India. Qa’id Rahma took refuge in Lorestan, Persia, 354 km from Qarna. There, he established the town of Qa’id Rahma, and the Qa’id Rahma Arms warehouse, which exist to the present day.