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Sultan reveals his possession of 200 year old rare, lost historical documents

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah unveiled his possession of historical “Barbosa” reports and documents lost 200 years ago. He also announced he will write the book “Papal Order”.

This came during an intervention His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah made via the Direct Line Programme broadcast live on Sharjah Radio. His Highness also talked about his book “A Momentous Journey” in which “Barbosa” is the hero of the book, which describes the Gulf Region and the Portuguese Invasion of Hormuz. 

His Highness affirmed that “Barbosa” was depicting to the king the tragedies people experienced saying:” These are people like us; their costume is good”, aiming to communicate a beautiful image about the region.

His Highness mentioned that the then Portuguese King asked Barbosa to write a report about the people of the Gulf Region, but the Portuguese officers and their families burned down the library which housed “Barbosa” reports.

His Highness announced that the 200 lost documents are part of his collections in the Portuguese, Arabic and English. He declared his intention to carry out a research along with the Portuguese based on a one – metre long leather manuscript, which is “A Papal order to the King of Portugal to invade Hormuz”. In doing so, His Highness aims to shed light on the christianisation efforts in the region before the Pope’s announcement of invading the region, unveiling 12 volumes that contain the history of the entire region to be a reference to upcoming generations and researchers. 

In his intervention, His Highness also touched on Andalusia saying: “None has yet come and apologised about what had happened or condemned it  ... Meaning that they did something they are condemned for... They separated children from their parents so as to christianise them and deported families out of Spain.”

He added, “The Spanish didn’t do anything to the Jews; yet, they apologised to them, while they aggressed Muslims and they didn’t apologise to us; the Mosque of Cordoba was given to the civil authority and the Church took it and now there are calls to bring it back to the civil authority. His Highness said: “We support anyone who bears witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, even if he is in the West.”

His Highness also talked about his book “I Condemn”, saying: “wharever copies of my “I Condemn” reach Morocco, they are sold within three days; people are hungry for reading and knowing the detailed history of the Region.”