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Sultan Al Qasimi.. 49 Years Full of Achievements and Urban Renaissance

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, assuming power in the Emirate of Sharjah. 49 years have passed since His Highness has realized construction, economic, tourism, social, sports and cultural achievements that strengthened the emirate’s position and leadership. Since His Highness assumed the reins of power in the emirate on the twenty-fifth of January 1972, Sharjah has witnessed remarkable development and great prosperity, as His Highness paid great attention to bringing about an effective and rapid development renaissance in Sharjah. His Highness also led the march of cultural, economic and social developments in the emirate, and His Highness exerted generous efforts to provide opportunities that support cultural interaction and dialogue among the peoples of the world. Also, history will highlight the great achievements of His Highness in the fields of science, knowledge, culture, sociology, history, tourism and humanitarian work, in which he worked to increase national awareness, participation and social responsibility. His Highness also established the Consultative Council of Sharjah to activate the citizen's role in development and projects at all levels in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Sharjah has advanced rapidly towards the future with clear strategic visions and a specific road map until comprehensive qualitative achievements have been made in various vital sectors that would enhance the prosperity of the country in general and Sharjah in particular, in the footsteps of the wisdom of the enlightened ruler who is gifted with an exceptional personality with a human sense and great cultural awareness. His Highness is the founder of modern Sharjah, the supporter of culture in all its forms, the keeper of heritage, and the lover of theater. Therefore, it is difficult to numerate all areas of His Highness's giving.

A Fragrant Biography

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi is one of the most prominent people interested in science, scientific research, and scientists in the emirate. This was clearly apparent in the follow-up of His Highness to all fields of science and learning in the emirate, once he assumed power in the emirate in 1972, and became a member of the Supreme Council of the Federation, when his Highness was at that time 32 years old. His Highness also grew up loving science and learning and was passionate about the history and study of his country, and for this he devoted himself at the beginning of his life to one goal, which is science.

After returning to Sharjah after completing his university studies in 1971, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah took over the management of the Ruler's Office in the Emirate of Sharjah. Days after the Federation of the United Arab Emirates was established on the second of December 1971, and specifically on the ninth of December, the Council of Ministers was formed, and His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi was appointed on that day as Minister of Education.

Prior to that, His Highness worked from February 1961 to September 1963 as a teacher of English language and mathematics at the Industrial School in Sharjah, then he took over the mayor in 1965.

Historical Date

Sharjah was on a date with a historical transformation and a new developmental turn that builds its future and consolidates the gains of the past when His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, assumed power with the blessing of the Federal Supreme Council to start his marvelous achievements, and launch a renewed era of development, building, progress, and modernization throughout the emirate that are consistent with and integrated with the state's plans and programs, and are consistent with comprehensive and sustainable development projects in the other emirates. It is noteworthy that Sharjah has witnessed 49 years of a radical transformation in various fields, so there have been mega projects that have been implemented and billions have been allocated for them since His Highness assumed the reins of power.

Last year, His Highness, Ruler of Sharjah, inaugurated about 25 distinct development projects in various cities and parts of the emirate, for which billions of dirhams were allocated, as Covid-19 pandemic did not constitute an obstacle to the ambition of the Emirate of Sharjah, and its sustainable development plans. The emirate has made a qualitative leap by accomplishing and opening a package of development projects in various sectors, such as education, culture, arts, astronomy, sports and entertainment, mosques, roads and infrastructure, environment, tourism, heritage, and literature. Perhaps the most prominent projects are the opening of Khorfakkan projects. Sharjah is fortified with the shields of science and knowledge on its thresholds all stumbling blocks dissolve and turn into bridges that everyone crosses over to more distinction. His Highness also established municipal councils in the cities and villages of the Emirate of Sharjah with the aim of expanding the scope of participation and consultation between civil society and various governmental institutions. He also encouraged the establishment of many non-governmental institutions with the aim of supporting social interactions between civil societies and governmental and official institutions and the like. Furthermore, His Highness approved the general budget of the government of Sharjah for the fiscal year 2021, with expenditures amounting to 33 billion and 595 million dirhams, and an increase of 12% over the year 2020.

Health Insurance

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah has always touched the needs of citizens in its various cities with complete accuracy, and he worked on communication between decision-makers and citizens through the establishment of the Consultative Council, which reflects the citizen's voice, conveys his hopes, and needs, and reconciles the work of the government with the requirements of citizens, in addition to his establishment of municipal and suburban councils. These three entities come with the aim of consolidating the principle of consultation and communication with the people of the country and residents on its land, through platforms that reflect their concerns and problems, and work to solve them. His Highness also directed, on January 20 of last year, to increase the salaries of retired Sharjah Police over the federal owners and equate them with retired from the government of Sharjah, so that the retirement salary is not less than 17,500 dirhams, in continuation of His Highness’s continuous support to the Sharjah Police, and his interest in the affairs of his working sons and retired employees in the police service. In the same year, he announced the comprehensiveness of health insurance for all citizens of the emirate, after it had covered employees and the elderly from 60 years and over. His Highness also announced the establishment of a social insurance fund from which every citizen who cannot live a decent life with the salary he receives, whether retired or low-salary employee shall benefit from it. In addition, His Highness has exempted 2,984 homes from the fees for connecting sewage services, and the government will cover the domestic connection fees of 45.5 million dirhams. Last November 14 million dirhams were allocated for the payment of 46 cases, and 707 applications for granting residential lands were approved.

A March Full of Achievements

Sharjah's achievements remain a testament to the year 2020, when His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah inaugurated dozens of economic, development and cultural projects, to remain evidence of the greatness of Sultan of benevolence, love and humanity. It also continues the march for a year full of optimism and hope, and a new beginning for a successful development journey. Perhaps the most prominent project inaugurated by His Highness is the Geological Park project in the Buhais area, and the Kalba Road project, which extends from Wadi Al-Hilu to Al-Alam Square in the city, with a length of 26 kilometers. It is one of the most prominent development, service and tourism projects adopted by the emirate to develop the city of Kalba, at a cost of one billion dirhams, in addition to the North Pasture Project in the city of Dhaid, the largest pasture in the emirate. His Highness also adopted the visual identity of the Sharjah pastures, which consisted of a green ring inside which sand dunes topped by the Thamam plant, and the Avenue Exploration Center project within the "Madar" Complex Project located in Muwailih district in Sharjah, on an area of more than 600,000 square feet. The center includes 18 food service outlets, an outdoor event theater for 500 people, and a children's entertainment area.

Billion Projects

In addition, the studies that His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah directed to develop the city of Kalba allocated 5 billion dirhams, and work is being accelerated to rehabilitate the infrastructure in that region. In the first phase, the Sharjah-Kalba road will be rehabilitated, with a length of 55 km, which will take an hour and a quarter. One billion dirhams were allocated for the development of the street so that the time period from Kalba to Sharjah is just 45 minutes. It will be opened during the current year. Kingfisher Lodge project was also opened in the city of Kalba, which is a unique project in its nature and location. The city of Al Dhaid is also considered a privileged location, as three main and important roads pass through it, namely, Khorfakkan Road, Al Dhaid Road and Dibba Al Hisn Road, which will be worked on soon. It also witnessed the establishment of many projects, including the Dhaid market, which is located between Al-Jameh Square and Al-Bardi Square, at a cost of 100 million dirhams, in addition to the Al-Dhaid Park project. The flow of movement and the great turnout that the region will witness. The park will contain a kilometer-long lake, a number of tourism, commercial, sports and recreational facilities, in addition to a 6 km long forest from Tal Al-Zafaran to Khorfakkan Road. The forest will contain 10 million trees, which have been equipped and classified according to the region and its environment, in addition to the Sharjah Safari project, which is located within Al Bardi Reserve in Al Dhaid, which has a cost of one billion dirhams as it will provide 300 job opportunities for the sons and daughters of the region, and they will be trained on their duties and specialties from now until the opening of the safari.

Interest in Sports

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah paid attention to sports, as His Highness rewarded the clubs with “12,685,000” allocated to 17 clubs, namely the Sharjah Sports Club, Al-Bataih Cultural and Sports Club, Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped, Dibba Al-Hisn Cultural and Sports Club, Maliha Sports and Cultural Club, Khorfakkan Cultural and Sports Club, Sharjah Self-Defense Sports Club, Sharjah International Marine Sports Club, Sharjah Cultural Chess Club, Kalba Sports Club, Al Dhaid Cultural and Sports Club, Al Hamriyah Cultural Sports Club, Sharjah Culture and Girls Club in Sharjah, Khorfakkan Club for the Disabled, Al Madam Cultural Sports Club, Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club, and Sharjah Women's Sports Foundation.


His Highness, Ruler of Sharjah, kindled the torch of culture and enlightenment and worked to advance knowledge on other matters. This is because culture, arts and knowledge enable us to fight tension. Perhaps counting his great achievements in this regard is a difficult matter, given his developmental breakthroughs in all fields, so that Sharjah has become the title of the authentic Arab and Islamic civilization, which is proud of its ancient history and rich culture, and embraces a number of architectural edifices that embody the splendor of Islamic architecture. Therefore, Sharjah won the title of Arab Tourism Capital for the year 2015, and it is distinguished by its many heritage features, such as the Heart of Sharjah, and modern ones, such as Al Qasba Water Canal, Al Majaz Facade, and Al Noor Island, in addition to cultural landmarks from museums and others.

Source: Al Bayan Newspaper