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«Thank you, Father Sultan! »

Every time you come to this smiling emirate, you will experience something new that bears the hallmarks, visions and thought of “Sultan of Culture and Hearts” His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. He is the father, the wise and compassionate leader, broad-minded and always in touch with all small and tiny matters in all parts of the emirate, especially in cities and suburbs. Therefore, it was not strange that his fellow citizens expressed their thanks and gratitude to His Highness always and on various occasions, writing down a phrase that is previously printed in their hearts into paintings, on the walls, and at the mountain peaks that he broke through to facilitate their daily affairs. The phrase “Thank you, Father Sultan!” expresses some of a great deal of love and all the meanings of pride and loyalty they hold for their father, but it is merely a title of abundant feelings of affection for a man who is the father of all. His Highness overwhelms them with his honors and white hands that he does not see as well, but the duty of the shepherd towards his citizens, not only that, but also asks their representatives in the Consulting Council of Sharjah, “hold me accountable before Allah holds me accountable.”

Hardly a day goes by without a phone call of His Highness via the Direct Line Program from Radio Sharjah that responds to the needy need and relieves distressed distress and takes care in particular of the affairs of widows, orphans, affected, the sick and others. His Highness feels a great comfort and great pleasure in introducing the joy and delight of those broken hearts, and calls on every official to reflect on the effect that happiness has on others, and how a signature can change a person’s life and transfer him from misery to happiness after relieving his anxiety.

Last Saturday, the 25th of January, was a special day in the history of the Smiling Emirate; It was more than four decades ago, on a date with the man who guided it with wisdom, prudence, care and concern for what it is today to move with confidence and reassurance in the future. He made it the capital of culture, creativity, men's industry, and tomorrow's leaders, including universities and academies, before it became a destination for investment and tourism.

A few days ago, Sharjah approved the largest budget in the emirate’s history, estimated at more than 29 billion dirhams. Also, a few days ago, his most recent decisions were to increase the pension of employees of the Sharjah Police over the federal owners the same as their local peers.

This is a generous gesture in an extension of the generosity of His Highness and his interest in the category of retired people, after long years in the service of the homeland, and a sense of the value of giving from a man in the position of the honorable father to his children, always keen on making them happy, may Allah protect Abu Muhammad and bless his life, and “thank you, Father Sultan”.

Source: Al-Ittihad Newspaper