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Sultan of Culture and Capital of «One Thousand and One Nights»

We were overwhelmed with joy. The bright joy lies on our side. The fabulous rumbling of our beloved «Emirates» completes the decade of «pioneering» in various directions and blessed aspects of development, economy, education and culture. When we talk about pride, cooperation and brotherhood, we offer our warmest congratulations and greetings to the "Sultan of Culture", His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, who brightly enlightened "Sharjah of Culture" in the fields of culture, thought and literature to become a city that breathes the light of culture in terms of meaning, giving and dictionaries to become the "capital" of the Arab, Islamic and international cultural enlightenment and dream. Sharjah is deservedly worthy to be the capital of Arab and Islamic culture to be crowned as the "World Book Capital" in recognition of its historical heritage and cultural fame through which it has acquired a prominent cultural status in the UAE, the Gulf, the Arab region and the whole world.

Every reader of history and every honest scholar will surely find that «internationalism» is closely linked to and associated with Sharjah more than four decades of giving, generosity and loyalty through it sun like leader: «Sultan» who is «encyclopedic» and veteran in the dissemination of Arab and Islamic culture at the regional, Arab and global levels because he believes strongly in the true vision of leadership is translated words into deeds within the limitless equation of the ability of the real intellectual to achieve his dreams.

Every follower finds that Sharjah's international cultural forums in the book exhibitions, in particular, and the culture in general, have become a radiance around the world and an actual fact that is confirmed every day produced by the real KNIGHT who masters the method of addressing the emotions and feelings of Man in his speeches, the depth of his insight and his history of vast horizon. His Highness summarizes the speech and fills it with optimism. At various events, such as: conferences and book exhibitions, His Highness plays the role of a "cultural icon" and urges societies eagerly for enlightened thought and high culture. His Highness's efforts and deep vision were distinguished by the professionalism of the responsibility, the elegance of the message and the exemplary presence in a manner that is characterized by an integrative zeal that is scattered in all directions and angles of the "culture" in order to promote the process of renaissance. This renaissance addresses the consciousness of man and his spiritual and moral world with openness to all horizons, while adhering to its roots and originality. Therefore, it has traded a lot of faith and a good example to become an echo in the hearts and minds; it is the fruit of generous giving to the industry and future of human culture. This is UAE.

In the light of the crowning Sharjah as the World Book Capital in the context of an UAE, Gulf, Arab, world and humanitarian excellent achievement and since this event is exceptional, the supervisor and the leader known as «Sultan of Culture» endeavored to make the celebration of the inauguration of Sharjah as the World Book Capital as a quality station to trigger consciousness, thought and inspiration for generations over the years as a memory. The leader sought to make the inauguration a major and significant event, not only in the list of quality events that Sharjah is preparing for in the title year, but also in the history of the selection of the World Book capitals. At the inauguration of "One Thousand and One Nights ... The Last Chapter", which is deemed to be the world's largest and most imaginative display of human history, the aim was to present Sharjah's message to the world in promoting reading and praising the book. His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah stated: "The story of 'One Thousand and One Nights' is a fantasy, and we in Sharjah will add to it a kind of imagination as well."

Indeed, it was a very impressive display; "The Last Chapter" was already a sort fantasy. It was great to be a creative artistic reflection of the most important chapters of human literature and experiences of peoples and witness the creativity of minds when they unite to produce a work of art carries a comprehensive humanitarian message. It is a reflection of the moment that the ruler of Sultan Al Qasimi made Sharjah the world capital of the book and the new capital of "One Thousand and One Nights"!

In conclusion, great leaders and nations are keen to create the memory of their children, leaving a great legacy for them to convey with pride and esteem. They also paint stars of the wonderful cultures with the wonderful fragrance in which we embrace all things with passion that never goes away. We derive from it the joy of success. Allah blesses Sultan Al Qasimi, Sharjah and the beloved UAE and its honorable rulers and glorious people.

Source: Al Bayan Newspaper - Dr. Mohamed El Masoudy