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A New Initiative that Elevates the Position of the Artist

The People of the Theater.. Sultan Heart

The initiative of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, comes by founding an association of the Theater People, as one of the most important initiatives in support of those who work in this great art «Abu Al Fonoon»/ «the father of all arts». His Highness has promised the people of art on every occasion meeting with them, with a great surprise in its dimensions and effects, and its ability to motivate and encourage, and continue the mission of theater. This is one of the characteristics and concerns of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, the lover of theater who experienced its ways, and who lived through it and thought and summoned his heroes and personalities and presented them on the readers of the Arab world, as his theaters imitated.

It is an initiative of playwright, educator, lover and nobleman as the nobility of the theater. It is the initiative received by the people of «Abu Al Fonoon» with great welcome; as it came in a timely manner, in touch with the concerns and needs of the people of art. They will certainly be a pillar of their work. And for the transmission of the practice of this beautiful people. They are not preoccupied with the urgent concerns and family or life needs that might keep them away from continuing or lessen their zeal to continue discovering «Abu Al Fonoon» as authoring, acting and editing. In addition, it is an invite for happiness that guarantee the continuation of the artist and the art of theater either.

It is an initiative from white hands, from a transparent heart and from an intellectual and thinker who respects the people of culture and science. He also appreciates and admires the people of the theater and sees through them the great hope and the high, utopian love and that smile that must paint on the horizon a bright color like the color of pure sky. 

Warm congratulations to the people of the theater for this great initiative, which aims to give them space to continue their achievements and passion and great love in the shadow of who sponsors, supports and provides them with a helping hand. It is this theater man and intellectual who knows before others that the industry of the creative is part of the industry of thought. Hence, it is the day as the people of the theater have always promised, the playwrights and intellectuals that His highness is against despair and helplessness. Thus, he paves the way in each occasion what will help them in life and strengthen them with a firm belief in the ability of art to make miracles and continue the journey with a greater dose of optimism through theater as an integral part of the industry of civilization.

Source: Al Khaleej Newspaper