The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

14 Imam Musā al-Kāżim. Shiraz was their most loved dwelling place. That is why there was nothing strange that the cream of the Shiraz society were the Mūsawian Sharifs. The rule of Shiraz fell into the hands of Terken Khatun. She was the sister of 'Alā’ud-Dawlah Sultan Yazad and the widow of Sultan Sa'd ibn Abu Bakr Zenki, who himself passed away only 18 days after the demise of his father. She shouldered the responsibilities of minding the affairs of her subjects and supervised the dispensation of funds to the people from the treasuries of the late Sultan Abu Bakr Zenki, who was a Mūsawian Sharif that she had previously appointed Visir. As the Ruler of Shiraz, Terken Khatun sent abundant gifts with her envoys to