The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

15 Hulagu Khan in Baghdad. Hulagu who had conquered western Asia and seized Persia in 648 AH (1251 CE), headed for Baghdad and took it over in 655 AH (1258 CE). The envoys were sent to show humility and obedience the Mongol emperor and to request that he may issue a decree appointing Terken Khatun's son, Muhammad ibn Sa'd, as the Sultan of Shiraz. Two years and seven months into the reign of Sultan Muhammad ibn Sa'd, he fell from the top of the roof and died. After the mourning period was over, Terken Khatun, in 661 AH (1262 CE), consulted her senior statesmen about who should take over the rule of Siraz. They unanimously agreed on the nomination of Muhammad ibn Salghar ibn Sa'd Zenki, also known as Muhammad Shah, who