The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

16 was a courageous man and a distinguished scholar. As this was going on, Muhammad ibn Salghar arrived to Shiraz and requested permission to enter the city, which he did in peace. However, as the Sultan of Shiraz, Muhammad Shah spent his nights in complete indulgence in drinking, dancing, singing and fooling about. During the day, he was a blood-thirsty tyrant. Even when his own older brother, Seljuk ibn Salghar ibn Sa'd Zenki, sent him a message pleading that he may be released from prison in the Castle of Estakhr, Muhammad Shah ignored the message and left his brother to rot there. As matters worsened, Terken Khatun conspired with the governors of the Persian tribe of Shawl and the Turkman governors of a Mongol tribe to arrest Muhammad