The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

19 with weeping and crying. At the same night, there was another celebration of a different nature held by Seljuk Shah. It was a night of intoxication, and Seljuk Shah was excessively drunk when his eyes fell on a petrifying looking black slave. He pointed at him to come closer. When the slave approached him, he commanded him to enter the royal harem and bring him back the head of Terken Khatun, his wife. The slave obeyed the order and in no time he returned with the head of Terken Khatun and presented it to Seljuk Shah in a basin. Terken Khatun had a pair of precious earrings dangling down. Seljuk Shah cut off Terken Khatun's ears with his own hands and threw them with the earrings to the female lead singer in his gathering. He then continued to drink till the morning.