The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

20 Every time he had a drink, he would pour the left-over on the face of Terken Khatun. Present that night were two of the senior ofcials of the Shiraz Police. They immediately reported the incident to Hulagu Khan who immediately ordered the killing of his prisoner, Muhammad Shah ibn Salghar. Then, he sent a Mongol army to Shiraz to capture Seljuk Shah and kill him. This they did in Shiraz around the middle of 662 AH (1264 CE). After the killing of Seljuk Shah, there was none of the Atabegs (the Zenki family) left except for Abesh bint Sa'd ibnAbu Bakr Zenki and her sister Salgham. Abesh took over the rule of Shiraz and called herself a Sultana.(1) (1) “bint”, literally means “daughter of”. Sultana is the feminine form of Sultan.