The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

24 so infuriated that the Tajo did not heed the advice of his servant and ordered that the Tajo be given 17 lashes as a punishment. Then, Hulagu ordered 10,000 soldiers to march to Shiraz to massacre the inhabitants in a fashion similar to what the Mongols previously did in Transoxiana (Central Asia) under Genghiz Khan. The news reached Sultan Al-Hassan ibn Ali Shah. Terried, he gathered his wealth, called for his son Ali ibn AL-Hassan, his wife, his family members as well as his visirs and their families, etc., and under the cover of the night, they all ed out of Shiraz through one of the lightly-guarded city gates. They headed for Kuwar, a village only 50 kilometres from Shiraz. In an effort to avoid the potential massacre, Bastu, the Shiraz Police Commander, and